Website address for X-2 (2013/2014)

Dear students,

Please fill in the comments about your website address …. 




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41 thoughts on “Website address for X-2 (2013/2014)

  1. muhammad alfarisi

  2. Hendrayansah

  3. Fella Ulandari
    Pak, this is my real website

  4. Dear pak arman, ini alamat website yang benar dari Ayu Resta Farsi, yang di atas itu yang salah

  5. maaf pak sebelumnya.
    ini pak yang bener.
    maaf pak sebelumnya sudah buat bingung

  6. pak it is my website . I’am sorry . It’s really ugly . because that file is broken

  7. Sorry Pak, This Is Real My Website :

  8. pak, it is my website the new one . I’m sorry pak
    Shintiya Frisilia X2

  9. Assalamu”alaikum
    pak, this is my real website.

    Sorry, if I make you confuse.

  10. All project and all remedial of ICT has been stop right after this posting.
    I will reject all remedial and project that submitted after this message.

    Have a nice exam.

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