Students Blog 2013

Dear students in grade XI, 

Please put your blog address into th comment box below, and don’t forget to write your name and class.


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91 thoughts on “Students Blog 2013

  1. Juliah Utami XI Science 2

    Please visit my blog \(^o^)/

  2. Jery Octavianus
    XI Science 3

  3. Ivon Triani ;)

    Ivon Trian
    XI science 1

  4. Muhammad Dheo Alviansyah
    XI Science 1

  5. Name : putri asia
    Class : XI sci 3

  6. name : putri asia
    class ; XI sci 3

  7. Name : Mega Saktia
    Class : XI.Social

    name:kadek ari dewi wahyuni
    class:xi science 2

  9. Muhammad Naufal Afaf
    XI Science 2

  10. Safira Ayu Putri
    XI Science 2

  11. Annisa Amalia Utami
    XI Science 2

  12. ini yg bebar. Pak.
    Liza Amalia Meilinda
    XI science 2

  13. Malda Dian Putri
    XI Science 3

  14. anggi ade pratama
    XI science 3

  15. Ratu Khoirunnisa Indah Sari
    XI Science 1

  16. Nadya Puspitasari 3

  17. Muhammad Jaka Surya
    XI Science 1

  18. Feranda Ayu Syafitri
    XI science 3

  19. sorry pak, my previous blog is no longer available.
    this is the new one
    Ivon Triani XI science 1
    thanks pak 🙂

  20. Virgian Rizky Alghazali
    XI Social

  21. pak nah my new blog adress

    -sultan malik gumay-
    -XI social-

  22. junitasari27

    junita sari
    xi social

  23. Putra Elnandha Varza
    XI Science 1

  24. Pak , this is my true adreess blog site
    Junita Sari
    XI Social
    It has been repaired pak , thank you pak 🙂

  25. Chelinka Rafiesta Sahara
    XI Science One

  26. erick143

    Erick Setiyawan
    XI Science 3

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